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About Itır Tour

Dorak-Itır Tour, which was established in 2008, is the most experienced tourism company of Turkey in the China Market thanks to its professional team.

We try to build a strong bridge between China and Turkey and service excellence is our focus since our estabishment.

Customer satisfaction has a primary importance for us. Thus we try to understand our customers' wishes, to provide rapid and precise response, and ensure their satisfaction by providing all required complimentary services inside and outside of Turkey.

Our hotels, restaurants, bus fleet, and the offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou operate with regard to this very purpose.

Itır Tour welcomes you to explore the charm, mystery and majesty that live in every corner of Turkey; from the domes and minarets outlining the profile in Istanbul, to the antique cities that decorate the shores of the Aegean and the Turquoise Mediterranean, and to the stupendous sculptures resting on mount Nemrut in the East that fascinates and hypnotizes the visitor with their timelessness and beauty.

Itır Tour also has and provides a whole range of well-experienced and reputable guides to meet and cope with the demand and interest and to provide the comfort and care for our clear guests.